Custom T-shirts are produced in many different ways. As the apparel we wear constantly changes, so does the printing methods. We determine which method to use based on the design and the type of garment.

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This is behind most of the t-shirts in your closet and basically layers the inks on top of the shirt through a screen. Pricing is determined by the number of colors and quantity. It is perfect for simple designs of 12 or more. As needs and technology grow, new “printing” methods emerge to create the wanted end-result.

A relatively new technique, as the name states, this technique prints ink directly into the garments. This technique goes straight into the fiber meaning that you don’t feel the ink when you touch the t-shirts. While this method is typically for shirt quantities less than 12, there are no color limitations making it a completely customizable designs.

Requires heat to be applied at the end to set the image. Fairly simple and it can produce high quality, complex designs • It is also one of the best techniques for full color printing Cons • Slower than the other procedures • It’s got limitations onto which type of fabric it can be printed • Can’t be used on fabrics sensitive to high temperatures • Could be some restrictions on reproduction of darker shades

Even though it is considered a printing technique there is no printing involved. A state of the art machine cuts a high quality vinyl paper into the shape of the design. Suitable for smaller orders vinyl offers more viable printing locations such as shoulders, sleeve, and collar and can be used on various fabrics